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#133 invalid Remove invalid warnings for encoding and mime when declaring support in headers. -- John A. Bilicki III

Reported by John A. Bilicki III, 6 years ago.


The mobileOK Checker warns about XHTML 1.1 doctype and the UTF-8 encoding however with the latest builds of my site that I have been validating against I do not serve the doctype or encoding or doctype unless support is explicitly declared in the http_accept or http_charset headers.

These warnings would only be valid if these headers did not explicitly declare support for the doctype or encoding.

Therefore these warnings should be removed.

#235 duplicate Bad link to i18n checker -- Richard Ishida

Reported by Richard Ishida, 4 years ago.


The icon after "Results for the test: W3C Internationalization Checker" produces a page that complains about XML errors, rather than taking you to the i18n checker.

#252 invalid False, compounding errors on seemingly-compliant document. -- aaron@…

Reported by aaron@…, 3 years ago.


A conformance check on is showing several plainly false errors, which are spiralling off to trigger even more.

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